Without courage, we wouldn’t be where we are

There always comes a time when people have to make big decisions. Do I risk getting a massive shock to prove that lightning is not God’s wrath, but just electricity? Do I stay at home and listen to Weimar’s state radio, or should I go outside and scream ‘We are the people!’, or even much more profound: should I found an agency and call it ‘health angels’? Benjamin Franklin, the fall of the Berlin Wall and a new agency model all have different background stories, but they do share one common attribute: they represent courage. Courage to do things differently in order to bring about change, courage to overcome boundaries and head in new directions. This is especially true for healthcare communication and marketing. Things like: ‘We do need laminated diagnostic cards’ or ‘That’s not what’s in the law on the advertising of medicines don’t help. Medicine is progress-driven and communication as well as marketing have to keep pace with it. After all, patients are sick, not foolish. And doctors need relevant information and not a new notepad for their desks. Courageous communication is what health angels is all about. And what better place to start than with Hirschen Group, whose own slogan is ‘Home of the Brave’.

Karin Reichl — founder health angels powered by Hirschen Group
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