business unit director

Tony’s passion for healthcare began in 2001 when she started as a medical content writer at pluspool. She has currently published roughly 250 articles in medical periodicals with themes ranging from urology, gynaecology, immunology, oncology and dermatology. Her first scientific paper, developed together with academics in the field, will be published this year by the Journal of the German Society of Dermatology.


Together with Karin, she switched to TBWA in 2010 and was active as a business unit healthcare director. While in the network, she concentrated on campaign development with a special emphasis on multichannel marketing and digital strategies.


She is continually expanding her expertise in the area of digital communication. For Tony, healthcare is even more exciting when it digitally merges with medical companies and organisations, people of political influence, scientific experts and, lastly, patients. Tony’s eyes light up when she works on substance analyses, market developments and scientific content, and when she combines them all to form digital strategies.

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