Irrelevancy is the leading cause of death

There are numerous diagnoses when a second option can’t hurt. Irrelevancy isn’t one of them. Because irrelevancy leads to a communicative dead This might not be a problem for some product ideas, but in the healthcare sector, it’s a different story. Here, the role of what people are offered and their personal situation are crucial and unlike that of any other branch.


That’s why we must seek out relevant communications solutions: not only ones with the well-being of the patient in mind, but also ones for the entire healthcare system – especially because of healthcare’s continuingly rising importance and value. This is demonstrated by a US poll that found staying healthy now has a higher ranking than affluence and financial security.


In order to create sound solutions with a high degree of relevance, we have to move away from one-dimensional thinking. That’s why we bring relevant sources and people together: experienced doctors, key opinion leaders and patients and their families. Together, we identify all relevant dimensions. ‘Digging deeper’ is our maxim. With the results, we create empathy and patient-centricity, instead of just communicating numbers and facts. This is especially relevant in times when doctors see their patients for an average of seven minutes.


We have to offer more concrete and more intelligent added value, tools, as well as communication solutions for doctor–patient consultation and the care thereafter. In doing this, we prevent mistakes being made in medication intake that can lead to the discontinuation of therapy; this also protects our healthcare system against additional future costs we are not able to cover.


We are convinced that only a radically relevant, consistent and holistic communication approach can lead to future success. It forms one of therapy’s most important pillars. / Daniel Hoffmann, Malte Ploghöft, managing directors Zum goldenen Hirschen Alster/Hirschen Group

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